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Kids Yoga

Basic Information

  • Classes are led in English
  • Each class is 60 minutes
  • Registration is required
  • Classes run weekly


Ages 3-6/Für Kinder von 3 bis 6 Jahre

Yoga comes to life each week in our playful and creative classes. The Yoga Garden is a fun way kids of all ages can develop important skills essential for school and life while gaining all the amazing benefits yoga has to offer:

  • Feeling of well-being and respect for others
  • Phyiscal strength, flexibility and balance
  • Concentration and focus
  • Body awareness
  • Relaxation

Yoga begegnet dem Leben – jede Woche in unseren spielerischen und phantasievollen Klassen. Der Yoga Garden bietet Kindern auf fröhliche Art und Weise die Möglichkeit, wichtige und wesentliche Fähigkeiten für die Schule und das Leben zu entwickeln – und dabei all die Benefits mitzunehmen, die Yoga anzubieten hat:

  • Wohlgefühl und Respekt anderen gegenüber
  • Kraft, Flexibilität und Gleichgewicht
  • Konzentrationsfähigkeit und Zielgerichtetheit
  • Körpergefühl
  • Entspannung

Saturday Morning Kids Yoga: Saturday

Ages 3-6:  10:00-11:00

Ages 6-10: 11:15-12:15


This fun and popular yoga class provides a great way for your child to unwind after a school week or busy weekly schedule. Kids will practice yoga asana sequences, play fun and challenging yoga style games along with the skills and techniques for releasing tension and relaxation. All of which keeps the spirit bright.

Special Interest Classes

(contact the studio for more information and services we provide for the classes)

All children’s yoga classes are structured in the same way but sometimes everyone benefits from one on one attention. This class is created to offer the right amount of support and technique to match the individual needs of your child, whether it is physical, cognitive, or emotional. Classes can be held outside of the studio.


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