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Senior Teacher

Jack Waldas

About Jack

Following his dance education at Ballet School New York and the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance, Jack danced with New York Theater Ballet. In 1993 he moved to Europe, where he danced as a Soloist with Nationaltheather Mannheim, Stadtteather Augsburg and Landestheater Innsbruck and Linz.

During his long dance career he tested the effects of yoga on his own body and emotional self. Yoga served him as a warm-up and tool of focus for the daily training and rehearsals, it helped his muscles recover from the strenuous schedule and it supported the healing process in the face of injury.

This experience of yoga on the edge of physical and mental possibility lay the foundation of Anandansa his own playful fusion of yoga and dance, of meditative mind-set and expressive movement.

At the end of his active dance career Jack devoted his life to furthering his knowledge of yoga, body work and health oriented movement. He completed educations in Prana Flow yoga Anusara yoga, Spiral Dynamic body mechanics, as well as studying yoga therapy, Thai massage and Tai Chi.

In 2013 his book „Street Yoga“ was elected yoga book of the year.